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The sequel to "Operation Stiletto" has finally arrived and is available on Amazon/Kindle. The new book is called "The Budapest Files: The Adventures of Agent Blondie".,204,203,200_.jpg
In reference to my previous post about launching Here Come the Space Marines on last week, I have more news.

This week Amazon/Kindle picked up both of my novels... Here Come the Space Marines and Operation Stiletto. Amazon gives me more reach. I am hoping for even bigger things from both of my books.

My second novel, Here Comes the Space Marines has been published and is available on Kobo.…

I plan to have it available on Amazon/Kindle very soon too along with my first book, Operation…

My new book is a leap for me as I delved into the realm of science fiction. I tried to keep it real and as much on the human level as possible so as not to scare anyone away. It is still mainly about the erotica. Here Comes the Space Marines might be my raunchiest piece of sex writing yet. I push a few more envelopes in this one. If you can imagine a combination of MF, MM, FF, MFM, FMF in couples, three ways, four ways, five ways, etc then its probably in here.

A brief run down on the story...

An erotic novel and science fiction fantasy. Marty, a wounded veteran starts a new life creating a working interstellar space ship. He recruits a team of loyal friends and lovers to help him fulfill his dream. A mysterious backer with a sexy grand daughter helps make it come true. When the crew of horny bisexuals travel on their long journey there is not much for them to do to kill time but have lots of sex. Their journey takes them to a new world where women rule. The existence of these women is threatened by an invasion of hungry giant bugs so the veterans of earth pledge themselves to the cause of survival. As a male, Marty is an outcast in the new world. When he knows that he is dying, Marty finds a unique way to go on living in the form of his sexy female rival, Scarlett. With Scarlett's body and Marty's mind, a formidable military leader emerges. As the leader of an elite Space Marine force, Scarlett takes the fight to the savage bugs, the Archnids. XXX sex.

Excerpts can be found in previous posts on this blog under the title Interstellar. I posted them while I was I writing.

I am very excited about this book. I hope some of you will give it a read.

Now that I have finished the exhausting task of the super heroine tournament, I am moving on with other projects. I added a Game of Thrones folder which will expand once the TV series starts up again and I'll add Dornish characters. I have also been obsessed with drawing Bugs Bunny for ages, in particular, Bugs Bunny in drag. I thought I might go with an entire rabbit theme, ie Bugs Bunny, Jessica Rabbit, Zatanna with rabbits, Dumb Bunny, Jane West and her Jackalope.We'll see. I might add some miscellaneous super heroine stuff along the way too. I want to make a GIF of Poison Ivy transforming from her old white skin to the green skin character. Just got to figure it out how to make it. What's a good program for making GIFs from .avi or .wmv?

I am also in the middle of writing another novel right now (my second). That's why fans of my Literotica short stories have noticed a lack of input lately. I have been writing a sci-fi novel which is about 75% done. I have to finish it first and edit it yet. Don't let the Sci-fi thing turn you off if its not your thing, there is a ton of naughty debauchery, kinky sex and of course, a military angle to the whole thing.  Check out my sci-fi folder to see some of the concept art that I made for inspiration. I'll probably be adding to that folder too with more from the story.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, feel free to let me know.

Some of you might remember back to the spring when I had a 32 seed super-heroine/ comic characters bracket tournament. It looked like this... Bracket31 by Mary-Margret

Mary Marvel was the overall champion... Mary Marvel Tournament Champion by Mary-Margret

I made 32 brackets and about 68 images which were posted over a two month period. As soon as I was finished it, I immediately thought of ways to improve on it. First of all, was the selection of characters. I admit that I used the characters that I had already made. At first, I considered a 16 seed bracket because I didn't have a lot of superheros drawn. I had a full slate of Gotham characters which made a nice 8 seed bracket. I also had 4 other DC super heroines and six Marvel characters. That meant I would have to go with 32 seeds. I had a bunch of Originals that I used to make half a bracket (Dumb Bunny, Fabulass, Ice Queen, True North) and topped it up with movie characters, Baby Doll from Suckerpunch, Hitgirl from Kick Ass, and Barbarella. I added a She Predator as a stretch to round up the group. I had Supergirl, Wonder Woman (UK), Mary Marvel and Isis from DC comics. To fill in the brackets, I added the Dirty Pair who are Dark Horse characters and Taarna and Medusa as a big stretch. My Marvel group had 5 solid characters, even though Spinderella was a bit of an OC as was Lady Punisher. I then added Vampirella and Red Sonja who are from outside of Marvel just to fill the brackets. All the pics can be seen in my Gallery Folder called "Tournament"

The OCs were not very popular in the tournament and I regretted having to stretch to fill in so many brackets. I really wanted a full on DC vs Marvel tournament. I got to work drawing more characters. In my new tournament, it will be 16 DC and 16 Marvel super-heroines and villains. Here is a look at the brackets... Bracket002 by Mary-Margret

I will be keeping the Gotham bracket alive on the DC side and a lump of 8 other DC characters in the other bracket. The Gotham bracket is almost the same but I dropped the female Joker and added Robin instead (Robin has always been femme to me). I dropped Isis too, because she was a short lived character from the 1970s and the name has an unfortunate association now. I also changed up the other three a bit. Wonder Woman will be more traditional, as will Supergirl. Mary Marvel is the defending champ and decided to up her game for all the new heavy hitters coming in. You'll see. The new additions will be Power Girl, Star Sapphire, Hawk Girl, Cheetah, and Zatanna.

On the Marvel side, I decided to keep Spinderella. I never liked Spider Woman and Mary-Jane Watson in the spider suit looks awesome. I did dump Lady Punisher though. I kept Black Widow, and a more traditional Valkyrie. I added She Hulk, Ms Marvel, Scarlett Witch, Elektra and Invisible Woman. Storm and X-23 get moved to a new exclusive X-Men Bracket. Along with those two, the X-Men Bracket will have Rogue, Dark Phoenix, Mystique, White Queen, Shadowcat, and Psylocke. The X-Men bracket will be similar to the Gotham one as it will feature 4 heros vs 4 villains in the first round.

I have the character sheets ready and will start posting them soon. I still have to do the actual match up pictures which could take a while. I hope you all enjoy my indulgence.

For those of you 18+ years of age; I have finished and published my book with a reworked title "Operation Stiletto"

It is available in ebook format only at…

It is a story of erotic fiction with lots of LGBT and straight scenes but the book is an action adventure, military espionage story line that breaks the mould of a label heavy, formula driven system. Check it out if any of that sounds interesting to you.

Check out my album, "Trooper Blondie" and help me select the cover page for my book. I am in publishing mode and need to select a final, original piece for the book cover. Please comment and put your vote in for the best cover.